Decoding Annie Parker

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Description: USA | 2013 | 91 minutes

Decoding Annie Parker is the mostly-true drama about the discovery of the gene responsible for many breast and ovarian cancers and the two incredible women who brought this knowledge to light. Annie Parker is a sharp-witted and irrepressible young woman who watches her mother, then sister, fall victim to breast cancer. Simultaneously in another part of the country,geneticist, Mary-Claire King, is discovering the gene responsible for it, despite criticism from her colleagues. Their two worlds collide when Annie herself is diagnosed with the disease and fervently fights back against immeasurable odds. Both women are enthralling in their pursuit of truth and King’s eventual discovery, now considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century. 

Director: Steven Bernstein
Cast: Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul, Alice Eve, 
Maggie Grace, Rashida Jones, Helen Hunt